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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

Sharing The Gift Of Parenthood: FAQs About Adoption In Western Australia

by Júnia Melo

Children are a gift and a blessing. Unfortunately, a large number of children don't get to enjoy the perks that come with being part of a functional family unit for one reason or the other. The concept of adoption provides the mentioned category of children a second shot at having what would be referred to as a "normal" childhood.

Discussed herein are answers to two common questions that one may have when looking to share the gift of parenthood in Western Australia.

How Is Eligibility For Adoption Determined?

A number of factors come into play when evaluating whether a prospective adoptive parent qualifies to apply to adopt a child in Western Australia. Examples of these factors include the marital status and the applicant's citizenship and/or residency status, among several others.

Married applicants and those in recognized civil unions need to prove that their relationship has been stable for a minimum of three years if they're to qualify as adoptive parents. Also, Australian citizenship is required of at least one partner in the event that the application for adoption is done as a couple. The citizenship of the other partner does not matter so long as his/her home country grants the same rights that Australia does to adopted persons.

Why Does The  Age Of An Adoptive Parent Matter?

The law in Western Australia puts a "cap of sorts" on the maximum age after which an applicant does not qualify for adoption. The law does not give an exact age at which adoption becomes a mirage. Rather it spells out the maximum age difference that can exist between an adopted child and an adoptive parent. As such, the age of the child and the age of the age of a prospective adoptive parent at the time of making an application will determine whether the applicant's age qualifies them to adopt the child in question.

The logic behind having age limitations for adoptive parents is that the parent(s) should be in good physical shape and in good health at the time of adoption. Age limitations strive to provide a guarantee that an adoptive parent will be able to provide and care for an adopted child from the time of adoption until (s) he becomes an adult.

For Western Australians who qualify, there is no good reason not to share the gift that is parenthood through adoption. For answers to further questions about child adoption, make a date with the local family law specialist.