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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

Finding a criminal lawyer to defend your stalking charge

by Júnia Melo

Stalking can be a misunderstood crime. In a world where romantic books and movies praise characters' efforts in continually striving to win the affection of their loved one, it's all too easy for someone to find himself the victim of stalking charges. Here are some tips if you find yourself facing stalking charges. 

Gather context to your communication

If the person who charges you has a large volume of communication that you have sent them, it's important to provide context for the court. This can come from the communications that the other person has sent you or conversations that the two of you had. Look for anything that can corroborate your side of the communication, including phone records, emails, journal records and any eyewitnesses who were with you when the other party responded. Also, write out any explanations of acronyms or codes that you have both used; for instance, if you have chosen pet names for people based on movies, include which pet names correspond with which person. This can help to clarify the path of communications. 

Provide evidence of your communications

If you are refuting that some of the communications came from you, for example if there are anonymous communications or someone else had access to your phone or computer, then it's important to prove that those communications did not come from you. Your lawyer can help to examine the evidence that the prosecutors will be presenting in court so that you can go through your own records and work out where you were and see if you can prove some of the communications may not have come from you. 

Find an experienced lawyer 

As stalking is a relatively new charge, it's useful to find a lawyer who has some experience in defending these sorts of charges. They may also need to be able to access technical professionals if much of the communication has occurred online.

A good lawyer can also provide some context to the issues, so if you did send more messages than was intended or failed to appreciate how some messages may have come off, they can provide some context to any stresses you may have been under or your general state of mind. This can help reduce the overall penalties if you are found guilty. 

If you are accused of stalking, it's important to ensure that the court hears your side of the story and that you receive the best possible legal help to maximise your chances of a good outcome. Contact a lawyer from a company like Russo Lawyers for help with your case.