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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

Are You Thinking About Getting Workers Compensation? Consider These Critical Phases

by Júnia Melo

All employees should be properly covered to ensure that they get compensated in case of any injuries in the course of their work. However, a claim can only be valid if proper steps are followed once an incident has occurred. Failure to consider these timelines can result in the insurance company refusing to make the required payments. As such, below are several phases that you should think about whenever you want to make a claim.

Notification phase

The most important part of the workers' compensation process is the notification phase. This is when you inform the affected parties that you have been injured while undertaking your duties. Compensation can only be processed if you make timely notifications immediately an incident has occurred. Additionally, you can only make claims if the injury occurred when you were handling assigned tasks. If you are injured while doing tasks that are assigned to someone else, then there can be problems in processing your claims. It is also important to notify the medical personnel that the injuries you are being treated for are a result of a work-related incident. In both these cases, you should make sure that these notifications are documented and can be referred to in future.

Active phase

During this phase, medical experts will be actively trying to restore your health and make sure you go back to work. Some of the medical processes that are covered in this phase include surgery, therapy and medications. Another form of compensation that should be provided in this phase is a percentage of the monthly earnings. However, this varies depending on the insurance provider. To avoid any problems, you should confirm this with your employer so that you know how much you should claim.

Permanent phase

This phase begins when the medical limit has been reached and nothing else can be done to improve your situation. There are two types of outcomes that determine what happens in this phase. One, you might have recovered from your injuries and able to return to work. The second outcome is that you might have permanent injuries that affect your ability to work normally. In this case, the doctor can prescribe supportive care, which should be covered. Additionally, you should also get compensation depending on the type of injuries you receive.

It is necessary to confirm with your employer the processes that should be followed in case you get an injury at work. This increases the chances of timely payment in case of such incidences. For more information or assistance, contact a local workers' compensation lawyer.