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There have been a few times in my life that I have needed a lawyer, and during those times, their help was invaluable. I worked with lawyers during the custody battle for my kids, when I dissolved the partnership for my business and after I suffered an injury at work. In this blog, I plan to write about the law from a range of angles. I may share posts inspired by my personal experiences, what's popular in the news or what strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I have a daughter, Oliva. I manage a medical clinic, and I love blogging. I hope you like the results. My name is Melinda, and thanks for reading!

From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

Considerations When Hiring An Online Divorce Lawyer

by Júnia Melo

Online legal services have gained popularity over the last few years. If you need a divorce lawyer, there is a high probability that you could opt to hire an online lawyer. However, how do you choose an online divorce lawyer? Below are some pointers. 

Assess The Lawyer's Licencing

It is challenging to tell the speciality of an online lawyer. It is especially so since a lawyer practicing abroad could advertise their services within your locality. The general principle is to conduct thorough assessments to ensure the online lawyer has a licence to practice in your locality. Typically, locally-based lawyers understand your area's family laws. Therefore, they are better placed to give legal advice and represent your interests. For instance, different jurisdictions have varying standards regarding the creation of prenuptial agreements. For example, some countries allow the contract to punish cheating spouses while others do not. If you hire a lawyer based in another country, they could unknowingly offer the wrong legal advice. Finally, if your case ends up in court, the Family Court could bar a foreign lawyer from representing you if they do not have the required licences. Therefore, always ask your family lawyer if they can legally practice in your state. 

Evaluate The Communication Strategies

How will you communicate with your lawyer? Below are some strategies:

  • Ensure the lawyer has flexible communication policies. For instance, they could send emails to inform you about the progress of your case and switch to video calls for urgent issues.
  • Consider lawyers available 24/7. This way, you can communicate with your lawyer in the evenings and on weekends.
  • The lawyer's communication must be organised. For example, they could send a short email after a conference call to ensure you have a record of all your communication.
  • The lawyer must promptly respond to your inquiries. This way, you do not have to get anxious about the progress of your case. 

Assess The Lawyer's Privacy Policy 

You will provide confidential and sensitive information to your lawyer as they handle your case. It would be unfortunate if unscrupulous individuals accessed such information. Therefore, ask your online lawyer about their privacy policies. For example, the lawyer should incorporate cybersecurity strategies to prevent third parties from accessing client-lawyer correspondence. For instance, email security could prevent both parties from sharing emails with other people. 

Inquire About Pricing 

Ask your online lawyer to send you a quote breaking down their legal fees. Typically, online lawyers tend to be cheap since they do not need physical offices. However, do not shy from negotiating the legal charges. For example, you could ask for a first-time discount or several free sessions. 

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