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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

There have been a few times in my life that I have needed a lawyer, and during those times, their help was invaluable. I worked with lawyers during the custody battle for my kids, when I dissolved the partnership for my business and after I suffered an injury at work. In this blog, I plan to write about the law from a range of angles. I may share posts inspired by my personal experiences, what's popular in the news or what strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I have a daughter, Oliva. I manage a medical clinic, and I love blogging. I hope you like the results. My name is Melinda, and thanks for reading!

From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters


Why You Should Consult with a Lawyer When Creating Business Contracts

If you intend to set up a business for yourself, then you need to know all about commercial agreements. These contracts will form the basis of how you operate and how you provide your product or services in return for compensation. Many people trying to cut costs and make things as easy as possible at the outset may decide to buy general agreements. While some of these contracts may work, it is always best to ask a professional first to avoid any potential issues down the road.

3 Key Reasons to Hire Local Conveyancing Solicitors When Buying Property

Buying and moving into a new home is a huge financial decision. It involves a series of conveyancing steps before you can purchase the property. If this is your first time going through this process, you'd likely need help from a professional conveyancing solicitor. While numerous conveyancers offer cheap services online, you must be very careful before making any commitments.  Furthermore, there are highly sensitive monetary transactions that take place when purchasing or selling property.

Top Signs You Should Research the Pet Laws in Your State and Country

Although there are a lot of things that you have to think about when it comes to being a pet owner – such as making sure that you know how to take care of your pet and that you can afford to have a pet – one thing that you might have never thought much about, is looking into your state and federal pet laws. However, there are a variety of situations in which it's a good idea to research pet laws that might apply to you, such as in the situations listed here.

Two Myths about Wills and Estates Solicitors

Here are two myths about wills and estates solicitors. Myth: They won't take young people who enquire about their services seriously Some people think that only elderly people or those with serious illnesses need to write up wills. Because of this, many young people do not utilise the services of wills and estates solicitors, as they think that if they book an appointment to draw up their will when, for example, they're in their twenties, the solicitor will not take them seriously and or might even find the notion of it quite funny.