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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

There have been a few times in my life that I have needed a lawyer, and during those times, their help was invaluable. I worked with lawyers during the custody battle for my kids, when I dissolved the partnership for my business and after I suffered an injury at work. In this blog, I plan to write about the law from a range of angles. I may share posts inspired by my personal experiences, what's popular in the news or what strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I have a daughter, Oliva. I manage a medical clinic, and I love blogging. I hope you like the results. My name is Melinda, and thanks for reading!

From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

Conveyancer by Your Side

The buying and selling of property is not always a straightforward willing-buyer, willing-seller situation that goes smoothly. Several issues can arise during the process. One of these issues is the legal aspect of the transaction and the legal boundaries defining the exchange. For both buyer and seller, this can be a murky realm that is not easy to navigate. That is why you need a certified and registered conveyancer by your side.

3 Things Temporary Migrant Families Need to Know About Australian Schooling

If you're moving to Australia on a 457 visa (a Temporary Skilled Worker visa) and you're bringing your family with you, it's important to remember that Australian schooling is quite different to education in other parts of the world. Additionally, in some states there are separate rules for temporary migrants and permanent residents. Here are 3 things you need to remember before enrolling your children in an Australian school. Remember to contact your migrant agent for advice if you're unsure of how to proceed.