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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

There have been a few times in my life that I have needed a lawyer, and during those times, their help was invaluable. I worked with lawyers during the custody battle for my kids, when I dissolved the partnership for my business and after I suffered an injury at work. In this blog, I plan to write about the law from a range of angles. I may share posts inspired by my personal experiences, what's popular in the news or what strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I have a daughter, Oliva. I manage a medical clinic, and I love blogging. I hope you like the results. My name is Melinda, and thanks for reading!

From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters


Considerations When Hiring An Online Divorce Lawyer

Online legal services have gained popularity over the last few years. If you need a divorce lawyer, there is a high probability that you could opt to hire an online lawyer. However, how do you choose an online divorce lawyer? Below are some pointers.  Assess The Lawyer's Licencing It is challenging to tell the speciality of an online lawyer. It is especially so since a lawyer practicing abroad could advertise their services within your locality.

3 Occasions When You Should Hire A Family Lawyer

Family lawyers provide legal advice and support pertaining to issues that arise between family members. They can talk you through your rights and obligations and create a legal plan based on your circumstances in order to help you navigate through a stressful period of your life and get to the other side as quickly as possible. Here are 3 occasions when you should hire a family lawyer: Getting A Divorce

Considerations When Signing A Commercial Lease

Leasing a commercial property means you have tenant rights, and the agreement with your landlord is legally binding. Such leases have several advantages, including minimal moving costs, flexibility, reduced capital expenditure, low monthly occupancy expenses and etc. This piece explores a few issues you must consider before signing a commercial lease.  Know The Area Your research must include a detailed and thorough analysis of the area. The property is part of other properties that create an environment.

4 Questions To Ask Your Conveyancer

A conveyancer will assist with due diligence and the legal and technical aspects of buying real estate. Most people leave a bulk of the work to their conveyancers. However, it is always advisable to interview the conveyancer to increase your understanding of the property on sale. Below are some questions to ask your conveyancer when buying property.  1. How Would You Rate The Property Features?  Conveyancers deal with buyers, sellers, and developers daily.