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From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

There have been a few times in my life that I have needed a lawyer, and during those times, their help was invaluable. I worked with lawyers during the custody battle for my kids, when I dissolved the partnership for my business and after I suffered an injury at work. In this blog, I plan to write about the law from a range of angles. I may share posts inspired by my personal experiences, what's popular in the news or what strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I have a daughter, Oliva. I manage a medical clinic, and I love blogging. I hope you like the results. My name is Melinda, and thanks for reading!

From Traditional to Innovative: Blogs About Legal Matters

    I've Been The Victim Of A Crime. Can I Get Criminal Compensation?

    As a victim of crime, you may be entitled to criminal compensation. To find out if you're eligible, the following information will help. The First Steps Before you consider taking legal action against the defendant, you must contact the police and report the crime so they can identify and prosecute the offender. When you make the initial report, write down the name of the police officer and the report number. While you can still make compensation claims against the offender without reporting the offence, it can be far more difficult, as you may have to justify why you never helped with the police enquiry.

    What to Do If Your Ex-spouse Takes Your Children Overseas

    The recent arrest of news reporters trying to bring back children from an overseas home with a parent has reemphasised how important it is to work within the law when dealing with custody issues. Here are some things you can do if your ex-spouse takes your children overseas without your permission. Determine if the country is a party to the Hague Abduction Convention Around the world 94 countries have signed up to the international Hague Abduction Convention which prevents parents from taking their children across international borders to find a more favourable court system for a custody claim.

    Sharing The Gift Of Parenthood: FAQs About Adoption In Western Australia

    Children are a gift and a blessing. Unfortunately, a large number of children don't get to enjoy the perks that come with being part of a functional family unit for one reason or the other. The concept of adoption provides the mentioned category of children a second shot at having what would be referred to as a "normal" childhood. Discussed herein are answers to two common questions that one may have when looking to share the gift of parenthood in Western Australia.

    Accidents Involving Articulated Vehicles: What Limits Liability?

    When an accident occurs, road traffic authorities come in to determine who is at fault. The person responsible for the accident has to compensate you for any damages resulting from the accident. In some situations, it is easy to identify the person liable to pay damages to another. For example, all drivers are supposed to keep a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of them to avoid rear end collisions. If such a collision occurs, then the person driving behind you is liable because they are not driving safely enough.

    When to hire a lawyer after a car accident

    If you've been in a car accident, there are a lot of things you need to think about. You need to tend to injuries, damages on your car and possible insurance issues. Most smaller accidents are possible to solve in a fairly simple manner if you and the other driver or drivers involved agree on the circumstances of the accident. However, sometimes you might need the help of motor vehicle accident lawyer to make sure your interests are protected and that you don't take on any blame for something that isn't your fault.